Andy Schäfer
Climbing courses

Climbing courses in the Dolomites - learn to climb & improve your technique

Mountain guide Andy Schäfer offers taster courses for beginners and alpine climbing courses for mountain enthusiasts who already have experience in sport climbing.

Are you curious about trying climbing? Do you want to learn the correct basic knowledge to keep you safe on the mountains? As a state-certified mountain guide, I will familiarise you with the basics of climbing, such as belay techniques and how to use ropes, and I will accompany you on your first attempts on the rock face. For more experienced alpinists who are looking to get started on multi-pitch routes, courses lasting several days are also offered, like the course at the Cinque Torri. These courses will improve your existing climbing technique and you’ll learn a lot of interesting facts about alpine climbing along the way!

Climbing taster course
During our trial course, you’ll learn the basics of this amazing sport and how to correctly handle climbing equipment...
Alpine climbing course at the Cinque Torri
This two-day course is suitable for climbers who are looking for an introduction to multi-pitch routes but have already gained some climbing experience...
Individual tours
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