Andy Schäfer
Via ferratas

Guided via ferratas in the Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Mountain guide Andy Schäfer from Alta Badia explores the most beautiful via ferratas in Trentino-South Tyrol and Veneto for beginners & advanced climbers.

Via ferratas (literally: iron paths) are routes of different degrees of difficulty secured with steel ropes, iron ladders and iron pins, leading to wonderful peaks which would only otherwise be reached by alpine climbing. Many attribute the origin of the via ferrata to the battles fought in the mountains during the First World War. Numerous protected access routes were created for this purpose, many of which were later renovated and are still accessible today. Depending on your wishes and needs, we’ll climb easy via ferrates, such as the Kaiserjäger path or the Les Cordes to the Gardenaccia plateau, medium via ferratas, such as the Meisules or the Via ferrata delle Trincee or difficult via ferratas, such as the Cesare Piazzetta or the Tofana di Roces-Giovanni Lipella via ferratas.

Brigata Tridentina via ferrata - Sella Group
One of the most popular via ferratas in the Dolomites and one of the most scenic viewpoints in the Sella group...
Cesco Tomaselli via ferrata - Fanes Group
This demanding via ferrata leads to the southern Cima Fanis, which just misses the 3,000-metre mark with a height of 2,980 m...
Giuseppe Olivieri via ferrata - Tofane
This demanding via ferrata leads over the southern edge to Punta Anna, where the view of the Tofana’s south face will leave a lasting impression...
Punta Penia (West ridge) - Marmolada
The extremely long and moderately difficult via ferrata on Punta Penia, which is the highest peak of the Marmolada (3,343 m), was opened in 1903...
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