Andy Schäfer
High mountain tours

Guided high mountain tours in the Alps for beginners and experts

A glacier tour with the experienced mountain and ski guide Andy Schäfer from Alta Badia in the Dolomites is a breathtaking experience.

High mountain tours are tours on glaciated mountains at heights over 3,000 m. We’ll climb over snowfields and ice ridges to the most beautiful peaks in the Alps, equipped with crampons and ice axes. Personally, my favourite experience on any high alpine tour is enjoying the sunrise on the way to the summit and sharing this magical moment with you. You can choose between day tours, such as the Marmolada, or multi-day tours, such as the Bernina Range.

The Marmolada
This moderately difficult glacier tour leads to the highest peak (3,343 m) in the Dolomites and will impress mountain lovers with a varied ascent that even includes a short via ferrata...
The Bernina Range
The ‘banquet hall of the Alps’, as the Bernina Range is affectionately known by the Swiss, offers sweeping views from the Tschierva Hut to Piz Bernina...
Individual tours
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