Andy Schäfer
Trekking journeys

Guided hiking trips and exciting treks

Mountain guide Andy Schäfer will accompany you in small groups on multi-day tours with varied trails and beautiful landscapes.

Do you fancy an adventure far away from overcrowded hiking trails, 5-star hotels and typical beach holidays? Then pack your trekking equipment, sleeping bag and mat in your rucksack and let's go! All you need is a head for heights, sure feet and a large serving of passion for exploring pure, untouched nature.
Spectacular treks, breath-taking views, great encounters and unforgettable physical and mental experiences are waiting for you out here – Moments that will enrich your life and will stay with you forever.

Selvaggio Blu – Sardinia
The Selvaggio Blu (literally the "Wild Blue", in Italian) is a 40-km-long trail along the rocky Sardinian coast in the Supramonte Mountains...
Selvaggio Blu Extreme – Sardinia
Individual tours
Can't find your dream tour in the selection? No problem! Feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas and questions. I’m dedicated to providing you with a unique, safe and unforgettable mountain experience.
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