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Selvaggio Blu – Sardinia

Selvaggio Blu – Sardinia

The Selvaggio Blu (literally the "Wild Blue", in Italian) is a 40-km-long trail along the rocky Sardinian coast in the Supramonte Mountains...

The Selvaggio Blu (literally the "Wild Blue", in Italian) is a 40-km-long trail along the rocky Sardinian coast in the Supramonte Mountains. It is considered the most difficult trail in Italy and leads you on a 5-day hike from Santa Maria Navarrese, past the Pedra Longa to Cala Sisine.
You will sleep in gorgeous bays in a sleeping bag under the starry sky (or in a tent if you prefer). Food and luggage will be delivered via the sea daily, which means we can travel light, using only a daypack.
Notable features of the Selvaggio Blu trail are its extremely steep cliffs rising from the sea, adventurous abseiling points, short climbing passages, spell-binding views of the turquoise blue water and finishing the day by jumping in the cool, crystal-clear water and then sitting together around a campfire.

Detailed programme:

Day 1: Individual journey to Santa Maria Navarrese. If you are interested, a transfer from Cagliari airport can be organised (extra charge). Meeting point in the evening at the 3-star Hotel Santa Maria, where we will enjoy dinner together and discuss the final details for the next few days.

Day 2: Our actual hike on the Selvaggio Blu begins today. After breakfast, we set off and hike along the coast to Pedra Longa, the striking rocky outcrop that juts out of the crystal-clear water. After a refreshing swim, we continue past an old carob tree and climb up below Punta Giradili until we reach the rocky ledge of the same name. The ledge is a natural passage that was covered with a dry stone wall in the 20th century. We then reach "Us Piggius", where we gain an insight into the world of the shepherds of the Supramonte. In the evening, we are spoilt with a typical Sardinian meal by the shepherd and his family.

Day 3: after breakfast prepared by Battista, we continue across the limestone plateau, where there is no real path but only traces of goats that colour the rocks earthy, as well as some blue markings indicating the direction. After a day in the maquis, after bold descents on juniper trunks, after a cliff equipped with fixed ropes, we reach the picturesque bay of Portu Pedrosu. Here we can plunge into the crystal-clear water and enjoy the afternoon. In the evening we enjoy a grilled fish.

Day 4: From Portu Pedrosu we hike on to Porto Cuau, the hidden harbour. We continue with a long crossing to the north, over plateaus and small wooded valleys. In places, the path follows former mule tracks, which are now barely passable due to the vegetation. Passing Fenos Trainos, which is one of the largest shepherd's huts in this area, we reach the famous panoramic point of Punta Salinas, above the Goloritzè gorge. Via an "iscala è fustes" (= ladder of juniper trunks), we reach a hidden shepherd's hut, the Serra Salinas. From here we descend to Cala Goloritzè. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. Swimming through the natural rock gate "l'arco di Goloritzè" is something we will remember for a long time. We reach the bivouac site in the late afternoon.

Day 5: From the bivouac site we climb up to Serra `e Lattone. Here begins the descent, which remains very adventurous due to all kinds of terrain. After the first abseil passage, we reach various caves, one more beautiful than the other. After the "white ribbon" we reach Bacu Mudaloru, where we can cool off in the sea. We then continue past the "grotta dell'aqua" and "grotta 5 stelle" to the next abseil passages. Through the "Arco su Feilau" to the next abseil passage. From here we climb up to Bacu Padente and reach the bivouac site after a good hour.

Day 6: After a few minutes we reach an old mule track, which we follow to Ovile Piddi. Shortly below, we climb into the hidden Sa Nurca gorge and follow it to the next abseil passages. In the midst of brambles, we follow the now clearly recognisable path to a charcoal burner's place, from where we come across the trace of an old mule track. The rest of this stage is a constant succession of forests and views of the sea. After the rockfall of Punta Plumare, you come to the rope-insured climbing and abseiling passages. You then reach Cala Sisine, the end point of Selvaggio Blu. After a dip in the water, we return to Santa Maria by boat or off-road vehicle. We spend the last evening together over dinner at the hotel and round off the day with a glass of wine, reviewing the experiences of the last few days.

Day 7: Breakfast at the hotel and journey home.

This is the regular itinerary of the trip. Deviations due to weather, conditions etc. are possible and can be made by the mountain guide at any time.



- Surefootedness on uneven terrain

- head for heights

- fitness for hikes of 6-8 hours/day

Difficulty 3/5
Participants 6–8
Duration 7 days

13/04 - 19/04/2024 

13/09 - 19/09/2024

Equipment Climbing harness and helmet

Services included in the price:

- Guided tour Organisation of the trek

- 2 nights with half board in a 3-star hotel in a double room, single room on request and surcharge

- 4 nights under the stars or in a tent

- All meals - full board - during the trek, Sardinian specialities. Dinner is included on the first day and breakfast on the last day

- a typical Sardinian meal at Ovile Us Piggius

- Supply via the sea route, 2x daily with luggage transport (10kg/person)

- Selvaggio Blu entrance fee

Not included in the price:

- Travel to Santa Maria Navarrese

- Drinks in the hotel and bars

- All additional costs not listed in the included services

Price from € 1.250
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