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Ski touring trips

Guided ski touring expeditions to the most beautiful peaks in the world

Experienced ski mountaineers can be guided by state-certified mountain and ski guide Andy Schäfer on ski tours in the Alps and around the world.

Whether it’s an easy ski tour or a more demanding route in the high mountains, there are numerous other areas in addition to those found in the Dolomites which also feature snow-covered slopes and lonely peaks and that are ideally suited for ski tours of varying degrees of difficulty. On our ski routes and crossings, we’ll be rewarded with great views, fabulous descents and complete freedom.
In addition to organising the tour, providing local information and adhering to strict safety standards, I will of course also take care of accommodation arrangements.

Dauphiné ski tour
The Dauphiné Alps are a fascinating and wild mountain range in the western Alps in France. Their highest peak, Barre des Écrins...
Senja, Norway
Senja, the second largest island in Norway, is a top insider tip for ski touring enthusiasts. Situated 350 km north of the Arctic Circle...
Ski Touring on Crete, the Mediterranean island south of the Greek mainland? Hard to believe, ...
Lofoten - ski touring on the magic island
Skitouring in Chile - firn on the Ring of Fire
From mountains to the sea, from roaring white water to primeval forests, from hot springs to deserts and huge glaciers, Chile offers practically everything in terms of scenery.
Individual tours
Can't find your dream tour in the selection? No problem! Feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas and questions. I’m dedicated to providing you with a unique, safe and unforgettable mountain experience.
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