Andy Schäfer
Andy Schäfer
Andy Schäfer
A beautiful day begins
with a beautiful mountain

Experience alpine winter sports with a certified guide

Guided tours with mountain and ski guide Andy Schäfer - ski tours, ski safari, freeride, snowshoe hikes and ice climbing in the Dolomites.

A picturesque landscape covered in snow, untouched slopes, exciting descents, and total silence, where you can only hear your own breathing. Your pulse accelerates and you’re ready to be challenged. Is that the secret recipe for a successful, active winter? Almost, because it’s not complete until you have a certified guide with the perfect experience across a range of alpine winter sports along with the talent to lead each tour uniquely and safely. With mountain and ski guide, and trained ski instructor Andy Schäfer, every ski safari, snowshoe hike, ice climbing trip, freeride and ski tour becomes an unforgettable experience.

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