Andy Schäfer

Guided snowshoe hikes in the Dolomites

Winter hiking on snowshoes in and around Alta Badia, accompanied by magnificent views, is an unforgettable experience.

Anyone who has ever been out and about in the snow-covered Dolomite landscape with snowshoes knows the charm of this winter sport. Nature is explored quietly, where the crunch of the snow is sometimes the only audible sound. The landscape offers a calming and rarely experienced effect, and together we can go on simple winter hikes over gentle alpine pastures, or take on more demanding tours up to the peaks of the Dolomites.

Easy snowshoe hike
On snow-covered routes, we can hike through the winter forest away from the hustle and bustle. Of course, we’ll also come across...
Snowshoe hikes around Longiarù
The snowshoe hikes from the mountain village of Longiarù are characterised by impressive panorama...
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